Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (C.I.P.M)

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The CIPM is the regulatory body chartered by law to regulate the practice of Human Resource Management in Nigeria. Our Vision - To be the foremost People Management and Organizational Development Institute in Africa, respected across the World. Our Mission - We promote Excellence and Regulate the Ecosystem for People Management to Deliver Value for the Sustainable Growth of Individuals, Organizations, and Nations. Becoming a member of CIPM Nigeria is not like subscribing to a magazine, it is a career choice. It is the major step towards becoming a Professional. As a member of CIPM Nigeria, you become a member of a special community of an elite network of HR professionals in Nigeria. At CIPM Nigeria, we set the pace and provide a voice for the HR profession in Nigeria, promoting new and improved HR and management practices and continuously enhancing HR’s positive impact on business performance in organizations of all sizes. We know what good HR looks like and what HR professionals need to know, do, and deliver at different stages of their careers. CIPM membership gives HR professionals the recognition and mark of professional competence, enhanced career prospects among many other benefits.

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