(Live Class)- Finance for Non Finance Managers Level 1

The most fundamental resource for success, growth of any business is Finance. An organization having a competent management team, technical know-how, marketable products/services but poor finance strategy is very close to failure.

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What will i learn?
  • Understand accounting concepts and how financial statements are built
  • Develop financial statement reading skills
  • Develop the skills to analyze financial statements and make optimal decisions on capital structure
  • Understand the value of having an optimal capital structure and the impact of finance leverage on survival
  • Develop ability to manage company’s performance strategically
  • Gain insight into business activities that will assist in formulating sales policies and strategies that can enhance profit
  • Develop the mindset to desist from funds mismanagement

Webinar Details
Date: 20 Sep, 2021 10:00:00 AM
  • From beginners, intermediate to advanced participants looking to brush up on their Finance Skills
  • Participants should have Zoom installed
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Finance is not only for the finance manager because many key decisions are not taken only by the finance managers e.g. production, marketing. Decisions taken by other managers who do not carry the designation of a “Finance Manager’, would always affect PROFIT.

Everyone in the organization is responsible for the financial outcomes of the business and therefore should learn about finance so that they can take informed economic decisions within the spheres of their designation.

Our Finance For Non-Finance Managers classes are designed to help you understand Finance properly in a way that would make relatable meaning and application to your business or the organization you work for. Whether you're just learning how to interpret financial statements or gain insights into business activities that will assist in formulating sales policies and strategies that will enhance profit, these courses will help you unlock the maximum potential of this business decision making program.

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